IATA BSP Essentials for Travel Agents (eLearning)

In travel lingo, the Billing and Settlement Plan is what you would otherwise refer to as BSP. This three-letter word is the central point that facilitates the flow of data and funds, and is especially important in settling financial transactions between IATA accredited travel agents and the airlines. Learn more about the advantages and benefits of BSP through this eLearning module. It’s an excellent choice of study for IATA accredited travel agents worldwide for it prepares you in effective back office training. Vocational students as well as experienced agency staff can also give it a go to enhance their basic travel training with knowledge of the BSP system and operations.

  • Manage the functionality of the BSP System
  • Use and interpret BSP related terminology
  • Perform BSP Link transactions
  • Download and interpret billing reports and standard documents
  • Apply best practices in BSP system applications
  • Effective e-Learning module for IATA accredited travel agents
  • Ideal for students and experienced agency staff
  • Secondary school or equivalent / Bachelor’s Degree
  • Accounts / Finance / Back-office staff at IATA accredited travel agencies
  • The e-Learning module comprises of six modules and on completion of the same, an IATA Certificate is issued to the successful candidates