IATA -Airline Marketing

Why does a traveler have strong preferences for a specific airline? Is it the brand name or the bouquet of services? Here is your chance to gain insight into the various branding strategies, consumer psychology and marketing principles that the airline industry implements to make the entire flight experience a memorable affair for the consumer.

  • Conducting marketing research audits within your organization from the point of view of the competition and the customers
  • Efficient marketing segmentation and SWOT analysis
  • Customizing products and services to satisfy the needs of your target audiences
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different distribution channels
  • Selecting the most efficient promotional strategy
  • Interpret and understand your customers’ needs
  • Segment your targeted markets
  • Exceed your customers’ expectations with product innovation, product quality and efficient distribution
  • Develop creative and cost-effective marketing strategies
  • Recently appointed Marketing Officers / Managers
  • Customer Service staff
  • Reservation Counter, Sales & Marketing executives in Travel Agencies & Airlines
  • Airline Marketing exams are conducted four times a year in March, June, September and December. Registration is valid for 18 months and the exam has to be taken within the registration period.