IATA Destination Geography (eLearning)

Don’t worry if you slept through Geography class in school. This interactive online training module will impress you with interesting facts, unbelievable figures, climatic charts and cultural significance about all the major destinations around the world. This course also fully integrates political and physical world geography, location identifiers, airlines, three letter city / airport codes, airports of the world, global time zones, elapsed journey times, itinerary planning and allied destinations among many others.

  • Identify physical, cultural, and destination geography
  • Plan travel itineraries
  • Calculate travel time using world time zones
  • Code and decode three-letter city codes
  •  Identify local currencies
  • Effective training module for tour operators and travel agents
  • Secondary school or equivalent / Bachelor’s Degree
  • Entrepreneurs / executives in travel & tourism industry
  • The e-Course registration is valid for three months, during which unlimited access is granted. An online exam is available when the course study is completed and a Certificate is issued to the successful candidates.