IATA Geography in Travel Planning (eLearning)

Can you name the top five hill destinations without a second thought? Do you know the world’s favourite honeymoon locales like the back of your hand? No? Then, this interactive online training module is a must for you. In just three months, learn everything you can about every destination, its weather, people and culture and impress tourists with your wealth of accurate, up-to-date travel information.

  • Description of 12 basic types of leisure travelers
  • Characteristics of human populations on all continents, including a model of the “World Village”
  • World’s major mountains, oceans, seas, rivers and other bodies of water that attract visitors
  • Distinguish between the terms “weather” and “climate” and their impact on destinations
  • How climate is affected by latitude, altitude, winds and proximity to water
  • Review of top 15 countries visited by international travelers, highlighting practical country information, niche attractions and activities in a downloadable workbook
  • Effective training module for leisure and corporate travel agents
  • Informative for event and meeting planners
  • Secondary school or equivalent / Bachelor’s Degree
  • Entrepreneurs / executives in travel & tourism industry
  • The e-Course registration is valid for three months, during which unlimited access is granted. An online exam is available when the course study is completed and a Certificate is issued to the successful candidates.