IATA Travel Tour Manager

Who would have guessed guiding a guest on a worldwide tour could turn out to be an exciting career choice. Now that it has, those who long to travel and have the gift of the gab are all set to transform themselves into the role of an internationally accredited Travel Tour Manager. This specialized course outlines the responsibilities of a professional escort, skills required in guiding a tour group and basic principles in handling emergencies, among many others.

  • Introduction to the Travel &Tourism Industry
  • Roles and duties of a tour escort
  • In-depth knowledge of the most popular international tour destinations
  • Effective skills in escorting a tour group
  • Identify physical, cultural & destination geography
  • Awareness of Passport, Visa, Travel Insurance, Forex procedures
  • Tour Packages (Destinations – Outbound, Inbound, Special products)
  • Customer relation management and communication
  • Personality development and grooming
  • Basic principles and skills in handling emergencies
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of global destinations
  • Visit exotic locales free of cost
  • 360 degree perspective of the principles of modern tourism
  • Identify and consult popular international travel and tourism destinations
  • Learn different languages
  • Advise on specialty tourism products, modes of transportation, accommodation, cruises and tours
  • Graduates, preferably with an outgoing personality
  • ¬†Fair understanding of Written English, World Geography and Travel Planning
  • Entrepreneurs / executives in travel & tourism industry
  • Upon completion of the course, a Certificate is issued to the successful candidates