IATA - Destination Geography - E-Learning

Today’s travelers are better informed about geography. They expect their travel consultant to have more information and knowledge about travel geography than they do. Continually learning as much as possible about geography to stay current is probably the most important investment for travel professionals.

By studying this course you will gain confidence in your ability to sell destinations, answer common questions asked by travel customers and provide valuable advice that customers are willing to pay for.

What you will learn

A friendly Avatar guides you through this e-course and helps you learn about:

  • A description of 12 basic types of leisure travelers
  • Characteristics of human populations on all continents including a model of the “World Village”
  • The world’s major mountains, oceans, seas, rivers and other bodies of water that attract visitors
  • Distinguishing between the terms “weather” and “climate” and their impact on destinations
  • How climate is affected by latitude, altitude, winds and proximity to water
  • A review of the 15 top countries visited by international travelers, highlighting practical country information and niche attractions and activities in a downloadable workbook

  • Geography and the Travel Sales Process
  • Destination Geography and the Leisure Traveler
  • The World’s Continents
  • Human Population and the “World Village”
  • Major Natural Geographical Features
  • The Effect of Climate on Travel
  • Major World Tourist Destinations and Attractions
  • Flexi and Combo -get professionally Certified and Qualified by International Air Transport Association and by one of Indias largest and Professionally managed Travel Corporate ( RIYA ) Employment opportunity in Aviation ( Airlibes / Airports )  Tourism , Travel , Hospitality sectors including entrepreneurship .
  • Class 10 / Class 12 / Graduate 

  • Included in  benefits
  • Internal assessment every month / IATA exams 4 times a  Mar / June / Sept / Dec. Exam Centre Cochin
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