The Management Team

Manoj Samuel


A technocrat with a keen interest in integrating modern technology and gadgets into everything he believes in and is challenged with. Mr. Samuel who holds a Masters degree in business management, likes sports, music, technology and marketing. Throughout his career he has been an apolitical person. He is the perfect mix of technology and aviation industry with 18 years of experience in both. Being a person of great interpersonal skills and strong personality, bringing people of different skills and thought process together to harness the best in them is just second nature to him.

Mr. Samuel has played a vital role in transforming the organization’s techno-advancement in every aspect and helped develop a wide array of travel related products and advancements in the mobile technology. He is always coming up with progressive ideas to incorporate in technology and modern industry practices into the organization. He also oversees the support functions in the organization providing ample support to Human Resources and Marketing department from his rich experience and insights of the industry. He has ensured the Human capital achieves the maximum.

A tech-buff with a never-ending love for new innovations and always experimenting his ideas with these new inventions. He enjoys traveling, attending exhibitions and tech-shows, amongst other things, for leisure. He has a keen interest in photography and loves capturing the perfect moments within the frame of his camera.